Map of Eidolon

Notable Locations
  • Bercham Psychiatric Hospital (Portage)
  • Breakaway Field (Brighton)
  • Dickens Stadium (Irving)
  • Fort Augustine (Humble Park)
  • The Marvelous Mile Amusement Park (Harbor Point)
  • Merchant Row (Fairpoint)
  • Richford Arena (Moxley)
  • The Spirit City Diner (Moxley) - closed indefinitely
  • St. Alayna Cathedral (East Village)

Major Waterways
  • The Eclipsed Sea
    • North Bay
    • South Bay

  • Callahan River
  • Box River (Riverside to Bridgeport)
  • Lake Byrn (Avian Park)
  • Lake Carter (Lakeview)
  • Lake Lavigne (Bridgeport)

Major Bridges
  • Brooks Bridge (U-District to Belbrook)
  • Marlowe Bridge (Gateway Valley to Allendale)

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