Speak of the Devil is an urban fantasy detective mystery comic set in the fictional city of Eidolon. The city is filled with various people, known as Balisks, Salir, Whisps, Fae, and Humans. We follow Sunday Blackburne, an investigator for hire who gets caught up in the conspiracies of this corporate run world, and fights against it from the underground.

New Readers can start reading from the first book by clicking here.

A map of the city the story takes place in can be found here: Map of Eidolon

The comic updates with a new page on Mondays (With the exception of holidays, or any other announced breaks)

Content Warnings: As a murder mystery story, this comic will visually show violence, blood, death, and dead bodies. Coarse language will be used throughout and as we follow the main character’s life, there may be some sexual situations, though nudity will never be shown.

M. Lee Lunsford, or just 'M' for short, is the artist and writer of Speak of the Devil. They have worked as a character designer, concept artist, and illustrator. Their previous comic Supernormal Step ran for 9 years, and can still be read at www.supernormalstep.com.

Story Editor Reimena Yee

Story Consultant Rachel Stevens

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